Our Capabilities


GP Friel Ltd. are the market leader in delivering complex Underground Infrastructure in the Wellington region.

Our objective is to safely deliver on our promises and produce a high quality, resilient product of which we can be proud.

Our core business is in installing Water, Wastewater & Stormwater networks by trenched and trenchless solutions. We are approved to work on the Wellington Water network. We also offer ducting and chamber installation for other underground infrastructure particularly where it is packaged with one or more of the three waters.


Potable Water

Waste Water

Storm Water




Trenched Underground Infrastructure Solutions

One of our capabilities is excavating and reinstating trenches in complex environments such as in the road, around underground services, to significant depths (where shoring and shielding are required) and below the water table. Our plant fleet has been tailored to complement our trenching capability.

We own and manage a fleet of trucks and excavators that are suited to trenching in complex environments.

When we excavate in the ground we are always at risk of coming into contact with existing underground services. We have procedures in place to ensure that when we work we manage the risk of harm injuries or property damage incidents.

The majority of our work takes place in environments where it is not possible or not practical to bench or batter trenches e.g. our work in the road. In these situations we have the capability and the equipment to shore trenches to prevent collapse or shield our operatives working in the trenches to protect them from a collapse.

While excavating in the Wellington region it is common to encounter situations where we are required to dig below the water table.

Our operatives are trained and experienced at entering and working in confined spaces. We have the necessary plant, equipment and procedures to safely enter and work in manholes, shafts, culverts and other confined spaces.

We are highly skilled and experienced at working in the road where traffic management and reinstatement are critical.

In addition to working in the road our teams can adapt to work in tight residential conditions such as in back-sections of properties. 

Our people have completed rail inductions and are able to work safely in a rail environment. We have experience of acquiring the necessary permits, working under protection and in block of lines.

We are a Wellington Water approved contractor for making connections to the existing Water, Wastewater and Stormwater networks.



Trenchless Underground Infrastructure Solutions

We offer a range of trenchless solutions that can be used as a value for money alternative to open trenching. Solutions such as Pipe Bursting, Pipe Ramming, Sliplining and Patchlining can be used where trenching is not possible, not cost effective or presents too great a hazard.

Our Pipe Bursting and Pipe Ramming of our trenchless equipment and technical support is provided by TT Technologies (Germany); the innovators of pipebursting/moling/ramming. Our relationship with them goes back to 2002 when we purchased our first pipe-bursting equipment. When you use G. P. Friel Ltd to pipe burst or pipe ram you have the full technical backup and support from TT Technologies.

Using our range of pneumatic Grundocrack tools and our constant tension winch we are capable of dynamically bursting earthenware or concrete pipes and replacing them with new PE pipes ranging from 110mm outside diameter to 630mm outside diameter.

Our fleet includes a hydraulically powered static pipe bursting tool that is capable of bursting any pipe type including earthenware, concrete, cast iron, uPVC, PE and steel.

We can use our Grundoram Koloss tool to ram steel casings up to 1200mm diameter on grade and alignment under linear obstructions such as railways or highways. This is a cost effective method of creating new service crossings of existing infrastructure.

Where capacity is not an issue but the existing asset is in poor condition we slipline an existing pipe with a new PE pipe. Sliplinging minimises the amount of excavation that needs to be undertaken and the risks that come with it.

In cases where it is not cost effective to replace an asset, we can carry out spot repairs inside a pipe without the need to excavate.

To support our trenched and trenchless solutions we have the plant and capability to carry out Electrofusion and Butt Fusion Welding.

Cost-effective, low-impact and accurate our new BM 400 Bohrtec Auger Boring Rig uses a smart front-steering system to horizontally drill and fit new pipe shafts.