Dynamic Pipe Bursting


Pipe bursting allows us to replace an existing pipe with a new PE pipe with a minimum of excavation. This system can be used to replace assets that are in a poor condition at the end of their life and it can be used to upsize assets that do not have sufficient capacity.

Pipe bursting minimises the amount of excavation that needs to be undertaken and the risks that come with it; principally: excavation stability, working around underground services and traffic management.

We have a variety of tools both pneumatic and hydraulic that allow us to burst all pipe types and classes from 110 dia. to 630 dia.

Using our range of pneumatic Grundocrack tools and our constant tension winch we are capable of dynamically bursting earthenware or concrete pipes and replacing them with new PE pipes ranging from 110mm outside diameter to 630mm outside diameter.

The quality of the plant is critical when dealing with the forces involved in pipe bursting. Our plant is state of the art and purpose built. The constant tension winch allows us to guarantee that the newly installed pipe has not been overstressed and it also eliminates the risk of catastrophic failure of the system during the activity.