In cases where it is not cost effective to replace an asset, we can carry out spot repairs inside a pipe without the need to excavate. Our patchlining capability allows us to install a fibreglass patch to seal a crack or joint in an existing pipe.

Patchlining removes the requirement to excavate and all of the safety risks that accompany it.


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This project included challenging commercial CBD connection work inside a busy construction site and outside the site in the pedestrianised section of Cuba St in Wellington’s CBD. 

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Moir St - Emergency Stormwater Repair

On the night of Wednesday 23rd January a rain event caused an existing brick culvert to blow out under a property in Moir St.

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Dixon St Pump Station - Rising Main Construction

GPFL were engaged by BPC as a subcontractor to deliver all the underground pipework associated with the new pumping station. 

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