Deep Trenches


The majority of our work takes place in environments where it is not possible or not practical to bench or batter trenches e.g. our work in the road. In these situations we have the capability and the equipment to shore trenches to prevent collapse or shield our operatives working in the trenches to protect them from a collapse.

Our standard is to shore or shield all trenches deeper than 1.5m and if our operatives are working in a trench with their head and shoulders below the ground we will shore or shield it regardless of depth.

We carry a range of trench shields for protecting our operatives in trenches up to 6m deep and have a supply chain partner who we work with for trenches 6m+. These are our preferred solution.

It is often the case, however, that due to obstructions such as underground services, trench shields are not appropriate. In these cases we have a range of other shoring solutions, including hydraulic trench struts, that can be adapted to fit around most obstructions and provide a safe working environment for our operatives.



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