Traffic Management


We are highly skilled and experienced at working in the road where traffic management and reinstatement are critical.

We undertake the majority of our Traffic Management in house for Level 1 roads. We have procedures to liaise with the road controlling authority to arrange access and have a Traffic Management Plan approved.

Our team consists of:

  • STMS (Site Traffic Management Supervisor) on our team who produces high quality Traffic Management Plans
  • A dedicated STMS with a traffic management truck who ensures that those plans are implemented on site to a high standard.
  • A number of other qualified STMS and TC personnel around the business who assist with traffic management duties.

Our standard is to fully fence our sites in order that the public are protected from any hazards associated with our activities.

If required we use anti-skid plates where excavations need to be trafficked at the end of a shift. Our teams install these plates to a high safety standard.

Our teams know understand how to reinstate trenches in the road in accordance with local government requirements. And how to do so in tight time constraints associated with traffic management. We test the compaction of our trenches in order that we can provide certainty that they will not fail within the warranty period. We finish asphalt surfaces to a high standard in accordance with local authority requirements. We are flexible and can adapt to changing road conditions such as concrete subbase, structural asphalt and buried foundations.


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