Hopper St, Arlington St, Torrens Tce renewal



Wellington Water




March 2023


Mobile Plant Fleet,Underground Services,Traffic Management,Connections,Dynamic Pipe Bursting,

Customer type:

Government & Local Government


Replacement of 156m of 160mm OD PE Sewer by dynamic pipe bursting.
Installation of 3no. associated manholes and connection of live laterals to the main on Torrens Tce.
Renewal of 185m of sewer main with 160mm OD PE pipe and 86m of existing sewer main with 315OD PE pipe by static pipe bursting on Hopper Street also installing 3no. manholes and connection of live laterals to the main.
Renewal of 45m of existing sewer main with 160OD PE pipe and 76m of 250OD PE pipe on Arlington Street with 2 new manholes and re-connecting existing private laterals.

This project to renew wastewater mains in the Wellington suburb of Mount Cook saw us working in a mixed use area with residential apartments, busy businesses and alongside other contractors in the area with limited space for truck movements.

Working in  these three small streets, we managed to maintain access to businesses as much as possible, so they could keep running as normal while work carried on. Likewise, while installing a manhole in the middle of an intersection where truck and trailers deliver goods, we were able to still keep this available. Another unexpected challenge was that the scope of the project changed to include the lateral connections to the main, which we managed with the consultant to ensure value for money.


We finished the project successfully on programme and within the budget. Our approach was to work alongside the contractors in the area and work outside of delivery days for businesses. We  communicated with residents and businesses in the area from early in the project and kept them updated on the progress of the works.

We used a variety of open trenched and trenchless techniques to deliver this work – applying the most appropriate technique to each situation to deliver the required outcome.

                                                                                             Our site on Arlington Street, which had to be closed due to how small the streets were.

                                                                                              Work started after deliveries were done at the local butcher right next to the work site.