Arohata Prison - 3 Waters



Fletcher Building & Interiors/Department of Corrections




June 2017 to August 2017


Mobile Plant Fleet, Deep Trenches

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Construction of approximately 100m of new Stormwater drainage, 100m of new Wastewater Drainage and 50m of new Potable Water for a new prison development

This project included some significant challenges associated with working in an operational prison environment. Access was strictly controlled. Our people underwent criminal records checks prior to being allowed entry and on site the people, vehicles and tools were checked into and out of the prison. We worked with the main contractor and prison officers to ensure that our people were not put at unnecessary risk and that delivery was not jeopardised.

The project was well programmed to reduce interfaces between trades and maximise efficiency. We took advantage of the available space by allocating resource to the project that could deliver a high quality product over a short period.

One of the key risks to delivery was the incomplete records for the existing network. We identified that issue early and undertook investigation work to inform design changes.

Throughout the construction we managed inspections with the Wellington City Council building inspection team and the WWL land development team to ensure that the product was completed to the required standard and handover of the asset at the end of the project was completed smoothly. As built information for the private network was supplied to the developer for their use in closing building consents.


This project included some significant challenges in terms of access and the working environment. But the programme was well managed and we worked closely with the prison officers and the main contractor to ensure that we delivered. The main contractor was impressed with our site team and provided the following feedback:

“Just a note, the work that your boys did was the best drainage I’ve seen for ages (quality was superb), …, your boys obviously respect their trade and your company. Great effort and good men.”


High Quality Finish

Open Trenching in a Brownfield Site