Kumutoto site 9 - underground services



Willis Bond & Co


Robert Bird Group


October 2022


Mobile Plant Fleet,Underground Services,

Company role:

Subcontractor responsible for all underground services connections and diversions. Main contractor LT McGuinness.


Diversion of approximately 180m of 900 dia. RCRRJ Stormwater and 100m of HV Electrical ducting to enable the development. Modifications and a new connection to the existing critical wastewater interceptor running through the site. Installation of wastewater, stormwater, potable water, fire sprinkler, power, communications and gas connections and networks to service four phases of development.

This project involved working on a large scale development, in a tight construction site environment to deliver critical service connections - a turn key product for the development.

Key to this was working closely with LT McGuinness to manage space and time requirements so that the work could proceed safely and effectively enable the remaining construction.

We managed all aspects of service connections – particularly on the three waters. the project. We managed shutdowns and cut ins to the water network, working with the asset owner to construct, commission and handover.

Our work on remodeling an existing wastewater pump station to change the access arrangements included managing the shutdown of the network and monitoring the flow management arrangement.


Overall a fantastic project where we continued to build great relationships with the team at LT McGuinness. We managed significant risks around the existing assets in collaboration with the main contractor and delivered added value by leveraging our relationship with the asset owners and our knowledge of the networks. Working on the existing pump station added a layer of complexity and the team really enjoyed doing something a little bit different