Brookside Subdivision New Network



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Feb 2019 – May 2019


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Construction of a new stormwater and wastewater network for a subdivision at Brookside in Whitby

This project included some challenges associated with working on a busy construction site in a greenfield environment. Work was let in small packages so were working with several other businesses on the same site. We had to manage interfaces with other contractors in order to keep our people safe and deliver to a programme.

Our team was able to take their experience from commercial projects and adapt to suit the focus in the residential market. We maintained a high quality standard in a production driven environment.

Throughout the construction we managed inspections with the Orogen and Porirua City Councils building inspection team to ensure that the product was completed to the required standard and handover of the asset at the end of the project was completed smoothly.

We completed all of our own coordinated set out and collected our own coordinated as built data using a our GPS survey tool. The as built information for the private network was supplied to the developer for their use in closing building consents.

The site included a local stream that had to be protected during the work and strict silt controls associated with a live resource consent. Our team worked with Orogen to ensure that our activities did not create problems that would breach their consent conditions.

Backflow preventer under construction