Bowen campus - underground services



Precinct Properties


Harrison Grierson


June 2023


Mobile Plant FleetUnderground Services

Company role:

Sub-contractor responsible for all underground services


Diversion of approximately 180m of 900 dia. RCRRJ Stormwater and 100m of HV Electrical ducting to enable the development. Modifications and a new connection to the existing critical wastewater interceptor running through the site. Installation of wastewater, stormwater, potable water, fire sprinkler, power, communications and gas connections and networks to service four phases of development.

We really enjoyed working on this large-scale development, with its tight construction site environment on the programme’s critical path and significant related risks.

Providing commercial three waters networks across a multi-phased construction project in a full footprint CBD site, we worked closely with building contractor LT McGuinness to integrate our work as part of the main construction programme across a project that lasted over 5 years.

We managed all aspects of service connections – particularly on the three waters. Delivering a turnkey product to the project. We also managed shutdowns and cut ins to the water network, working with the asset owner to construct, commission and handover.

To install a new connection to the existing critical wastewater interceptor, we worked with the asset owner to develop and executive an effective new solution: installing a deep caisson sunk chamber adjacent to the interceptor and connecting at depth. 


It was a fantastic project through which we developed lasting relationships with LT McGuinness and Precinct Properties. We managed significant risks around the existing assets in collaboration with the main contractor and delivered added value by leveraging our relationship with the asset owners and our knowledge of the networks.