Going deep on Taranaki Street


We have had a great couple of weeks around the Wakefield St intersection on our Taranaki St Rising Main Project. 

We are down at 5.5m deep, approximately 4.5m below the water table in reclaimed land and have installed a 610OD steel casing across the intersection by pipe ramming.

The traffic management set up and dewatering on this job have been fantastic and have really set the team up for success. Trenchless installations like this mean that we don’t have to dig up the busy traffic lanes of the intersection and create unnecessary disruption. They reduce the amount of waste that the project has to transport to landfill and result in a product that has a lower carbon footprint.

The Taranaki St rising main project is a new major wastewater pipe along Taranaki St from Market Lane to Wigan St. This project will deliver a more resilient network for our wastewater and will cater for growth in our city. We are pleased to be delivering this fantastic project for Wellington Water alongside GHD and on behalf of Wellington City Council

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