Galvanised iron watermain renewals


This week we did our last cut in on the first tranche of Galvanised Iron Water Main Renewals and I just wanted to celebrate some of the work that our team have done in addressing leaks on the water network and delivering quality, resilient infrastructure that will service our communities into the future.                            

A couple of statistics here – because we all love statistics. 

  • 6 months
  • 7 streets
  • 8 trainees working on the project
  • 92 customer connections renewed
  • 1665 metres of water main renewed
  • 95% trenchless installation
  • 0.02 tCO2e/m

We have really enjoyed working with Wellington Water on this project and the team are stoked with the difference that they have been making to supply of safe and healthy drinking water across the region. Let’s do more like this!