Paremata rising main - pipe ram




Wellington Water


Connect Water


April 2022


Pipe ramming    

Company role:

Subcontractor responsible for delivering two pipe rams - main contractor E Carson & Sons.


Installation of a 34km long 836.60D casing under State Highway 1 and a 42m long 836.60D casing under Whitford Brown Rd and offramps; including all enabling works.

This was a really challenging project that was delivered successfully with access constraints and unexpected ground conditions. 


The team on site had to improvise and persevere to get this job done. But the result was two crossings of the highway that were completed without interruption to the traffic movements and without the risks associated with excavating across a busy carriageway.


Working in a state highway environment, the team had to carefully plan site access and egress for deliveries and suppliers so that they could be managed with the traffic management team.


While geotechnical investigations prior to the work did not show any concerning ground conditions, we did encounter hard rock in the carriageway. The team improvised and used a variety of techniques to break through the rock. The operation was rough on the plant and things slowed down significantly – but the ram never stopped moving forward.