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August 2018


Mobile Plant Fleet, Underground Services, Traffic Management, Connections

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Installation of a 20 dia. domestic water connection from the main to the boundary
Installation of 100 dia. uPVC private wastewater connection from the main to the boundary
Installation of 2no. stormwater kerb outlets in galvanised steel pipe

This project included residential 3 waters connections in a typical narrow and steep Wellington suburban location. There was time pressure on the work to meet the developers handover dates.

We worked with the WWL Operations Engineer to plan and execute a successful live tap of the water connection that eliminated service interruption for residents in the area. The connection was a 20mm ID PE from a 150mm ID OPVC main. A manifold was installed as part of the domestic connection.

We applied for a wastewater connection and liaised with the WWL maintenance contractor to facilitate that connection within our site and in accordance with the programme.

As built information for the private network was supplied to the developer for their use in closing building consents. As Built information for the connections was provided to WWL and the developer so that it can be included on the GIS network.

This type of work is at the core of our business and this project demonstrates some of our key capabilities. We provided a turnkey – hassle free – solution for the developer; taking care of all aspects of the work outside the boundary. That included delivering traffic management and reinstatement in accordance with Wellington City Council requirements and interacting with the public network in accordance with WWL requirements. We delivered value for money by delivering all three waters in the same mobilisation and traffic management set up.

This project included some significant challenges but it was delivered within the customers programme and they were satisfied with the result. We can deliver value for money by self delivering all aspects of the construction, providing synergy and using trenchless solutions for disconnections.