Digging the Old Fashioned Way, Laura Avenue in Brooklyn


We are making excellent progress on a challenging project off Laura Avenue in Brooklyn. The scheme is for Wellington City Council to alleviate flooding in the area. Calibre have designed a new stormwater system that includes a 450 OD PE outfall through a private property, to connect to the existing stormwater network. The outfall is up to 3m deep and there is no plant access to the construction site. The property is too far below the road level for hydro-excavation to be a feasible option.

Our team is committed to hand digging the trench and installing shoring the old-fashioned way, as this is the only option. I have been impressed by how tidy the job is given the significant challenge.

We often wonder how some of the existing network was constructed around the Wellington region – I think this job has given us an insight into the hard work and determination required by our predecessors.