A couple of big shifts on Jervois Quay


Our team put in a couple of big shifts at the weekend on the Jervois Quay Stormwater Repair alongside E Carson & Sons, EN Ramsbottom, ATMS and a heap of other Wellington Contractors.

I was impressed by the excellent planning by E Carson & Sons, GHD and Wellington Water that went into getting this job done well. Our people were safe and well looked after on the night shifts.

The key to success on this project was the collaboration between the contractors, consultant, customer, and other key stakeholders. We showed that we are capable of exceeding expectations when we work together.

Everyone involved from the traffic management planning, through the execution on site and including the communications work that supported the project deserves to be proud of what we have achieved.

And thankyou to the members of the public for their understanding while we improve our city’s infrastructure to support the coolest little capital in the world.

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